Netflix Introduces Official Discord Bot For Hosting Watch Parties

Netflix has unveiled its official Discord bot that allows users to host watch parties on servers. Although, it's slightly more detailed than merely being a watch party bot.

The bot is called, “Hey, Netflix”, which will make life easier for people wanting to host watch parties without having to install a browser extension to do the same. It can be found in the app directory where people with the right permissions can add it to their server.

To use the bot, one simply needs to type in, “/heynetflix”. Once summoned, the bot prompts the server member to choose between watching a series or a movie (thanks, ComicBook). Next, it asks users to pick the country they are in, so it can find and suggest a show or a movie that is available in the selected countries. Once done, the bot will showcase four recommended titles, and users can either choose one for it or click on the refine button to showcase four more to choose from.

The bot also simultaneously starts a private chat channel where members of the watch party can discuss the show or the movie without spoiling it for anyone else on the server. This is a nifty integration considering it eliminates the need to have third-party browser extensions. Although, this doesn’t let users apply filters like genres or language while looking for something to watch.

YouTube has also recently launched its Discord integration, following the elimination of Groovy, which violated Google’s copyrights and monetization policies. The integration is now available via Discord’s new service called Activities, which allows users to play casual games, and also use YouTube Watch together and sync the videos they want to watch. This is a paid integration that can be accessed via Discord’s new Nitro Basic plan for $2.99.

In other news, Discord might officially be coming to PlayStation following its launch on Xbox, so it's looking easier than ever to talk to your friends regardless of platform, and now you'll even be able to watch films and shows with them.

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