New Baby Yoda Merch: Build-A-Bear, Plushies, Legos, And More

Baby Yoda, officially known as The Child in The Mandalorian, was the biggest sensation the holiday season, but official Baby Yoda merchandise has been hard to come by. That’s changing soon, as Funko Pops, plushies, figures, and even a Build-A-Bear are all releasing new merch in the next few months. Now, even more Baby Yoda products have been revealed at Toy Fair 2020, including an absolutely adorable animatronic doll that releases this fall. Animatronic Baby Yoda is joined by new action figures and plushies, a backpack, board games, Lego sets, and more. Check out all of the new Baby Yoda products below, including our first good look at the Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear.

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Baby Yoda Animatronic Edition | $60

Animatronic Baby Yoda is activated by touching the top of his head. He has more than 25 sound and movement reactions. Baby Yoda will laugh and coo, move his ears, open and close his eyes. When you tuck him in after a long day, he’ll close his eyes for a “Force nap.” As you can tell, the toy comes with a cool Mandalorian pendant. It’s currently unavailable at Amazon (the listing previously showed a December 15 release date), but you can grab one at Entertainment Earth, though it won’t ship until February 2021.

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear

We already knew about Build-A-Bear’s Baby Yoda, but the new reveals showed off the upcoming plush for the first time. A price for the little guy hasn’t been revealed and we don’t know exactly when it’s arriving, but you can sign up for email notifications at Build-A-Bear.

Baby Yoda 8-inch Basic Plush | $13

Though dubbed a “basic plush,” there’s nothing basic about this cute boy. The compact design gives it a different look than other Baby Yoda plushies. I think it’s the fact that his ears are kind of droopy here, but this is my personal favorite Baby Yoda plush. It releases this fall for $13, though you won’t find it available for pre-order right now.

The Mandalorian Razor Crest Building Kit | $130

A new Lego kit will let you build Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest. The 1,023 piece build comes with five figurines, including an appropriately tiny Baby Yoda that you can you see if you squint your eyes. The kit is available to pre-order for $130 and releases September 1.

Lego Brickheadz Mandalorian and The Child Building Kit | $20

The Mandalorian is getting the Lego Brickheadz treatment with a kit featuring Mando and Baby Yoda in his bassinet. The 295-piece set releases August 1 for $20 and is available to pre-order now.

The Mandalorian Battle for the Bounty vehicle and figure | $15

Part of Hasbro’s Star Wars Mission Fleet toy figure lineup, the Battle for the Bounty figure comes with a ground vehicle featuring a functional projectile launcher, a 2.5-inch Mando figure with articulation, and, of course, Baby Yoda in tow. The $15 figure set releases this fall.

Baby Yoda mini backpack | $80

A new mini backpack from Loungefly features the one and only baby Yoda. It’s certainly cute and well-designed, but you should keep in mind Loungefly’s mini backpacks don’t offer enough space for most laptops. It’s not available to pre-order just yet, but the Baby Yoda backpack releases in June for $80.

Baby Yoda Bitty Boomer portable speaker | $20

Pop culture-infused bluetooth speaker brand Bitty Boomer is releasing a precious Baby Yoda speaker this May for $20. The portable bluetooth speaker will play all of your favorite jams while looking exceptionally cute. Baby Yoda has big ears, though, so please play appropriate music.

Mandalorian-themed Trouble and Operation board games

Classic board games Operation ($20) and Trouble ($15) will get Mandalorian-themed versions this spring. Though Baby Yoda is prominently featured in the Operation game, you thankfully won’t be practicing your surgical skills on our sweet boy. This version of Operation is about picking up Baby Yoda’s toys.

Baby Yoda beanies | Starting at $35

Love Your Melon has new Mandalorian beanies, including a Baby Yoda beanie for infants for $35. When you buy a beanie or pom from Love Your Melon, you’re not only getting a well-made product to keep you warm. Love Your Pom donates 50% of its profits to charitable organizations that help children battling cancer.

Baby Yoda T-shirts from Funko | $15

Funko has a pair of new Mandalorian shirts featuring Baby Yoda. Both shirts are mighty cute and are available to pre-order from Amazon for $15 each. They release April 30, but you should definitely order sooner rather than later. These are the best Baby Yoda shirts we’ve seen so far, and they also happen to be the cheapest, so they might sell out.

More Baby Yoda merch

In addition to the new Baby Yoda products shown above, you can still pre-order a variety of Baby Yoda plushies, figures, and Funko Pops that were previously revealed.

  • Baby Yoda Disney plush — $25 (releases June 1)
  • Baby Yoda talking plush — $25 (releases May 18)
  • Baby Yoda Black Series Action Figure — $10 (releases May 18)
  • Baby Yoda 6.5-inch figure — $20 (releases May 11)
  • Baby Yoda 2.2-inch figure packs — $15 (releases May 25)

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