New Boneworks Video Showcases Long-Anticipated Map For New Update

Boneworks’ new update, arriving later this week, will be adding a long-awaited new map, as this video shows.

Last week Stress Level Zero announced that the free update would add three new maps for the game. One would be Tuscany, the VR demo scene included in the Oculus Store release of the game, now coming to SteamVR. Another is named ‘handgunBox’ and the last is simply titled ‘[redacted] Chamber’. We had wondered what the last would be, but this video from developer Brandon Laatsch reveals it to be a familiar location.

The Chamber is actually an environment we saw in a few videos and demos for Boneworks ahead of launch, many of them very early on. It’s almost a kind of greybox environment designed to showcase Boneworks’ sandbox style. In fact, Stress Level actually used it to show Valve what it was working on while the latter was busy creating its finger-tracking Index controllers.

It features various key elements of the Boneworks experience; weapons to fire, puzzles to solve and some platforming challenges to overcome. Laatsch explained that the team couldn’t find a place for the map in the original game, and thus decided to save it for an update.

The video also reveals that the final map, handgunBox, will actually be a handgun course for fans to shoot their way through. Look out for another video focused on that in the near future. Finally, this week’s update will include an update to the game’s physics, which Laatsch suggests will bring about some big improvements. We’re looking forward to its arrival on April 9th.

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