New Data Reveals Playstation 5 Most Desired Console in 84% of the Global Market

Rise at Seven has just released a report giving insights into the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 console war.

Using Google search data and online market share statistics, the report reveals that demand is high for both consoles, but has the Sony PlayStation as the most desired per country, winning 148/161 of the countries votes (84% of the global market).

Surprisingly, the Xbox Series X edges out the PlayStation in Afghanistan (90.72% to 9.28%) and Mexico (63.26% to 36.74%) while the PlayStation completely dominates in its home country of Japan (a massive 98.94% versus the Xbox’s 1.05%), followed by Denmark (81.24% PS5 to 18.76% Xbox).

Head over to Rise at Seven for the full report.

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