New Digimon Reboot Trailer Shows Tai And The Gang Back In Action

Toei Animation has just revealed its latest Digimon project in a trailer posted to its Japanese-language YouTube channel on March 5th. As has been the trend in an era where the internet enables nostalgia to an unprecedented extent, this new incarnation of Digimon will be a return to its roots. Simply called Digimon Adventure, as was the very first Digimon anime series, the trailer follows a young Tai and Agumon, just as the series that won the young hearts of kids worldwide did back in 1999.

A few choice details point to the project being different in certain key ways than its source material, despite animation that looks very much like a present day approximation of the original show’s. First, the video’s description promises a new adventure in which the real world and digital world are “closer to each other than ever before,” inspired by our modern era in which a sort of digital world is far more pervasive than it was at the time of the franchise’s debut.

That said, it seems to show in the trailer. In the original Digimon Adventure, most locations in the digital world essentially looked like places in the real world. Plant life and bodies of water, for example, made up parts of its landscape. While this could theoretically still be the case, the new trailer solely places its digital world scenes within a space coded to look much more like a cyber-environment, comprised of shiny, microchip-looking surfaces.

And while the DigiDestined will retain their classic Digivices, Tai, Izzy, and presumably the rest of the gang all have smart phones now too, another indicator that this new Digimon Adventure is a melding of old and new.

In February 2020, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna aired in theaters, which also starred Tai and friends. The film was a sequel to Digimon Adventure tri., which itself followed the anime series’ first two seasons. Tai’s return in Digimon Adventure will therefore be a different version of the character than the one on the silver screen just about a month prior.

Digimon Adventure will begin airing in Japan on April 5th, 2020, with no current details about its Western release.

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