New Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Character To Be Revealed May 13, Possibly Jimmy Neutron

At long last, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is getting another fighter. The devs have revealed that the next character to join the roster will be unveiled May 13, next Friday, and have left a hint as to who that might be.

Announcing the news, the game's social media has just posted the reveal date of next week, and the comment: "Back to the lab again". This has players hoping that Jimmy Neutron – or even his much more popular dad, Hugh – will finally be added to the game. This comes as many were disappointed by the show not being repped at launch, and Jimmy since becoming the most requested character for the next DLC.

The replies are split between who the team could be teasing: a Jimmy Neutron character, or Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. However, given the former's top spot on the list of most requested characters, and the fact that it's actually a Nickelodeon property, it's much more likely that Jimmy will be revealed next Friday.

Whoever it is, they'll be the third fighter to be added to Nick Brawl post-launch. The first two were Garfield and Shredder, but since then, it's been pretty quiet. Some had feared that support would be pulled from the game. However, while developer Thaddeus Crews did admit that the game's launch was "rough", ongoing development would not be scrapped. Crews also said that the team would be "playing a lot of catch-up", which we can see with another new fighter.

Since then, it's been pretty hit and miss for the platform fighter. While Twitch viewing figures were pretty dismal, a big investment in its competitive scene could turn that around. Genesis, a huge Smash Bros. tournament, will host Nick Brawl matches at its events, and will even provide a $5,000 prize pool. Not a bad deal for a licenced fighting game. Genesis' most recent tournament took place in April.

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