New Palworld Trailer Shows Pokemon With Guns, Breeding, And Mounts

Palworld's second trailer shows off the Pokemon-esque Pals using guns, mounts, and breeding.

Earlier in 2021, the reveal trailer for Palworld took the internet by storm, showing a pretty depressing realistic take on what the world would probably be like if Pokemon were real – they'd have guns and slave away in factories for us. The concept divided the internet, with some loving the idea of shooting pocket monsters and others being horrified, despite the developer claiming Palworld isn't just Pokemon with guns.

Be prepared to be split all over again, as a new trailer for Palworld dives deeper into the game's mechanics, showing off more of what you and your Pals can do, including your Pals being able to get guns of their own, be used as ground and flying mounts, and even Pal breeding.

The trailer shows off a Pal sitting atop the player's head and using a gun of its own, as well as the player being able to lasso a boar-like Pal. We also get some surprisingly wholesome footage of Pals helping the player farm, before cutting to interspecies breeding, air mounts that look like warships, and a Pal that looks like a bear being used as a mount with a gatling gun. We later get to see flying mounts that can be flown around, as well as small birds that can carry you.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Palworld trailer without something that makes you question your existence. We also see a Pal organ-harvesting ring, Pals being forced to make guns, and Pals being eaten. A press release also claims you can "sell them, butcher them to eat, give them hard labour, pillage, rob, and exercise complete mayhem" but that it's up to the player to decide as it's illegal in the world of Palworld.

The latest trailer and press release confirm that Palworld is currently aiming for a 2022 release date, and that it'll feature multiplayer with up to eight players.

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