New Song From BTS Shares Sample With GreekGod’s Fan-Made “GGX GANG”

During a Twitch livestream, GreekGodx was pointed towards an interesting discovery that was found by his viewers. Supposedly, the massively popular Korean boy-band BTS had stolen a sample from a fan-made song consisting of Greek’s voice. Viewers first made the subtle connection, bringing attention to the brand-new BTS song “UGH!” and getting it in front of Greek.

At first glance, it seemed like the Kpop sensation stole a bit from Greek’s (fan-made) song – the audio of a person yelling “let’s go.” The vocal line’s audio was certainly identitical between the two songs. Unfortunately, what would have been an amazing discovery was later revealed to be relatively insignificant.

Many, including Greek, questioned whether or not the “let’s go” audio was actually of the streamer himself. The reason why he didn’t actually know is because a fan made the track “GGX GANG” – comprised of multiple other samples of Greek’s voice.

The chat from Greek’s livestream was equal parts amazed and ready-to-sue. Greek rolled with the comedic situation claiming, “we made them!” Despite having a hard time figuring out the actual truth, he never took the ordeal very seriously. After a bit of joking, he concluded that there was no way he would sue them regardless.

It’s a good thing too, because upon digging around, Redditors eventually found that the “let’s go” was not an original vocal line, but rather a fair-use sample that has been used in many other songs.

Overall, it was quite a disappointment considering how glorious it would’ve been to find out that a member of BTS was a fan of Greek. As we all know: if it seems too good to be true, than it probably is.

Further attention to the fiasco uncovered the actual creator of the original sample, DECAP, who released it as a part of his “Drums That Knock Vol. 3” collection. He even got wrapped up in the situation, clarifying to Greek directly in one of his tweets.

Although it was a dead-end, the discovery led to both chaos and excitement on Twitch. We’ve seen the streaming world collide with mainstream culture in other avenues, but a collaboration between GreekGodx and BTS would’ve undoubtedly taken things to the next level.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit, YouTube

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