New The Last Of Us Part 2 footage is official this time – final trailer released

Naughty Dog has released the first new trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2 since the game was delayed and many of its secrets leaked.

It can’t have been easy cutting a new trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2, knowing that many are already well aware of its various plot twists and surprises.

If you have read the leaks, or seen the footage, then you’ll recognise a few moments in this trailer, although to fresh eyes it doesn’t really give anything away about what the plot is about.

Even with the leaks though there are many unknowns, and certainly from this trailer it’s not clear who the antagonists are or what they want.

After several delays, The Last Of Us Part 2 will finally be out on 16 June as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Anything is subject to change at the moment, with the chaos the coronavirus is causing, but that date is almost certainly definite now as the game’s gone gold and has been sent off to the manufacturers.

The delay had a knock-on effect on Ghost Of Tsushima, which was delayed until 17 July. It’s still unclear whether either game will get special PlayStation 5 editions, or if they’ll merely be upgraded via backwards compatibility.

There’s also no word on Marvel’s Iron Man VR, which was delayed at the same time as The Last Of Us Part 2 but has never been heard from again.

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