NFT Project That Promised Buyers Millions Reportedly Runs Off With $1.35 Million

We've seen it happen time and time again now. NFT project pops up. It makes ambitious promises of huge returns for early buyers. It makes a whole lot of money. It runs off with said money. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The latest apparent rug pulling scheme is an NFT project called Day of Defeat, which made some of the grandest promises we've seen yet. On top of an NFT video game and thousands of supporters, Day of Defeat promised investors a staggering return of 10,000,000 times whatever they put in. The roadmap had plans in place up until 2024, when they estimated the NFT would be worth this ridiculous sum. But now, it's all gone dark, and the community isn't happy.

As spotted by Wed3 is going just great, the Day of Defeat wallet was recently emptied. $1.35 million in crypto was transferred from the project into other wallets, causing the NFT to crash in value by 96 percent.

Day of Defeat has denied that this was a rug pull, and is claiming that it is a victim here too. "The private keys of the (2) contract related wallets were compromised", the last tweet reads. "We are in the process of finding [out] how this happened."

There are still a few hopeful fans in the replies, hoping that the project will get back on track, but they are few and far between. Even those that believe Day of Defeat's version of events aren't happy that its apparent poor security allowed this to happen.

"Lots of buys coming in only to go out the back door. Shame on you", reads one reply. "Proving or not proving your claim does not help the holders who have been harmed", says another. "None of your promises have come true, you should be reported to the International Police."

It remains to be seen if the organizers try to set up again, and convince buyers that they were not behind the $1.35 million withdrawal. The roadmap runs until 2024, so investors will be in for a rude awakening if it all ends here.

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