Nier: Automata’s New PC Port Is Noticeably Better Than The Steam Release

Microsoft has just released the Nier: Automata- Become As Gods edition on the Microsoft Store for Game Pass on PC and players have found that it runs much better than the infamous Steam release, and even has updated features in some areas.

Nier: Automata’s 2017 Steam release was infamous for being completely broken from launch. That version was plagued with stuttering, frame rate caps, glitches and some players not being able to access the game at all. Four years later and that Steam release is still broken, with no patches released from Square Enix, leaving fans of the game to try and mod it into a working condition.

It’s not currently known why, but the Become As Gods edition of the game that was just added to Game Pass for PC seems to fix most of those problems and acts as a much more consistent port of the console versions of the game. Players have reported that the stuttering and crashing issues of the Steam release are nowhere to be found here.

Not only that but this version of Nier: Automata actually adds in some features that make it a lot easier to play on PC. The game defaults to borderless windowed mode which means that it runs at the right resolution, and there’s even an option to add FidelityFX CAS.

There are still some inconsistencies with this release, such as the frame rate being capped at 60fps, but it’s a marked improvement compared to what PC players were working with before.

There’s no explanation as to why this version of the game is running better than the original Square Enix-approved Steam release, but it could be because the game is acting as a port of the Xbox Become As Gods edition of Nier: Automata, and not as a separate port altogether.

Nier: Automata recently managed to surpass 5.5 million sales across all platforms, as well as someone discovering the last easter egg nearly four years after launch. Nier fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future, with Nier: Replicant’s gameplay reveals making the game look a whole lot like Automata. 

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