Nintendo Switch lasting three more years would be the best thing for Nintendo

A reader looks forward to the Switch not being replaced until at least 2024 and thinks that will encourage Nintendo to make new IP.

I was going to write a Reader’s Feature about my frustrations with Nintendo’s silence at the moment, even though I realise that’s already a well-worn subject. But then I saw the story about Nintendo repeating that the Switch is only halfway through its intended lifespan and that gave me a different perspective on their problems (if you can call the Switch and Animal Crossing breaking sales records ‘problems’).

For me the issue with Nintendo’s sudden silence and lack of new announcements is two-fold, the first being that, obviously, I want new games. But the other is that, with the release of Animal Crossing, Nintendo has burned through all of their major franchises and there’s nothing really left to do that’s obvious, as proven by the fact that they’re already doing another Zelda and the rumoured next big release is remasters of old Super Mario games.

Now, I have nothing against either of those things, but they do feel slightly like desperation. Like someone in the office said that they’ve run out of obvious things to do and all they can do now is sequels and retro releases. OK, fine, these ones make sense but at some point they’ve got to bite the bullet and either make new games or games based on smaller franchises. Or they can just make Super Mario Odyssey 2, and another Fire Emblem, etc. (Which I’m sure is the preferred option.)

The reason I said the idea of another three years is a good thing is that they cannot just keep treading water for that long. I realise that seems like their speciality sometimes but three years to fill and a console that is super successful is surely the best breeding ground possible for them to come up with some brand new IPs.

If I have one regret about the Switch it’s that it has not been used to introduce more new franchises. Coming off the success of Splatoon it seemed like things would be different at launch, with games like 1-2-Switch and Snipperclips, and a little later ARMS. But since then we’ve had very little else that’s brand new and that’s a disappointment for me.

We haven’t even really had any new spin-offs. A lot of that I put down to the fact that the 3DS is dead now and Nintendo is no longer making lower budget portable style games, despite that department supposedly being folded into their main team. But, as other readers have pointed out, that doesn’t seem to have helped with either the volume of games being made or the nature of them.

The worst case scenario for the Switch’s next three years would be if they were dominated by Super Mario Odyssey 2, Mario Kart 9, Luigi’s Mansion 4, and so on. The best case would be if they gave older franchises like F-Zero and Advance Wars a go again but concentrated on making brand new IP in genres they’ve never tried before.

I want what I can’t ask for because I’ve never seen it before, as that’s what excites me the most and what I feel is the one thing the Switch is missing. I’ve no idea if it’ll happen, but I do imagine it’ll be a long time until I find out…

By reader Slinky

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