Nintendo Switch stock shortages for Christmas as production slips by 20%

The Nintendo Switch, especially the OLED model, could end up almost as rare as the PS5 and Xbox Series X as Nintendo fails to make enough.

It would’ve been more noticeable if not for the next gen consoles being permanently out of stock, but Nintendo has been suffering its own supply issues this year, with the Switch often being difficult to get hold of – especially the newer OLED model.

That problem is apparently going to get even worse as Christmas approaches, with a report suggesting that, because of ongoing chip shortages, Nintendo will miss its production targets by 20%.

Nintendo had previously wanted to increase manufacturing to 30 million consoles for the current financial year, but according to Nikkei that’s proven impossible.

Although Nintendo hasn’t confirmed the figures involved it has admitted that production has been affected by the global chip shortage.

That confirms that Switch console shortages are likely this year and that’s easy to verify since at the moment the OLED model is unavailable at, GAME, and Argos.

However, eBay prices are not currently that extreme and while the OLED model should cost £310 the average on eBay is only around £350.

The original Switch model and the cheaper, handheld-only Switch Lite are in stock at the moment in the UK, so it’s not as if the Switch as a whole is completely unavailable.

If you want an OLED model for Christmas though, you’re best advised to pick one up sooner rather than later.

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