Norman Reedus Seemingly Confirms That A Death Stranding Sequel Is In The Works

Norman Reedus might have just confirmed that a sequel to Death Stranding is in the works.

There have been several rumours over the past few years that Hideo Kojima is working on a sequel to Death Stranding. Those rumours recently died down a bit thanks to the rumour that Kojima Productions is currently working on something for Xbox, but it looks like it's time to start speculating again as Norman Reedus, the actor behind Death Stranding's protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, has claimed that work has begun on the second game.

In an interview with Leo Edit, Norman Reedus discusses his time on The Walking Dead as the show approaches its final season. Although most of the interview is about Reedus' time as Daryl Dixon, the interviewer does mention Death Stranding, although he refers to it as a film. The interviewer says, "Okay, so you got the book going on, you’ve got the final season coming out, then the spinoff, and you’re filming Death Stranding, the video game".

In response, Reedus matter-of-factly says, "We just started the second one". Reedus mentions it again after describing his work on Silent Hill and the positive reception that Death Stranding received, "then the game came out, and it just won all these awards, and it was a huge thing, so we just started part two of that".

It's pretty clear from what Reedus is saying that he's referring to a sequel to Death Stranding, and not another project altogether. Reedus seems pretty confident that he's working on Death Stranding 2 and there's no reason to believe that he might be mistaken, so this might be the closest thing to confirmation of a sequel that we'll get until it's formally announced.

When it comes to rumours of a second Death Stranding, Norman Reedus is the guy to turn to as late last year he revealed in an interview that a second game was currently "in negotiations", something which seems to have been figured out.

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