NZXT Reveals Sleek New Mini PC Case, The H1

If you want a stylish PC that doesn’t take up your entire desk, then the NZXT H1 might be the case for you.

Not every gaming rig needs to be covered in RGB and the size of a small car. You can have a perfectly respectable PC that combines powerful performance with a low-key exterior. It used to be that going for the understated look meant that you’d have a tough time stuffing everything you need to inside a case no larger than a shoebox, but NZXT’s latest creation makes building your own mini PC easy.

Or you can just buy their pre-made computer. Either or.

Let’s start with a name. The case is called the NZXT H1, and it’s a small form factor mini-ITX made to make tiny PC ownership both stylish and simple. Simplicity comes with several pre-installed components, including power supply (SFX-L 650w 80+ Gold PSU), a 140mm AIO liquid cooling system, and a PCIe riser card to make cable management a breeze. That’s $250 worth of PC components that you don’t have to buy for your build and it comes pre-installed. All you gotta do is source RAM, processor, GPU, and a solid-state hard drive.

Heat used to be a problem in tiny PCs, but the H1’s design makes cooling a breeze. Both the CPU and GPU have their own thermal chambers ensuring they have a fresh air supply. The PSU is mounted at the top of the case so rising heat doesn’t affect any of the internal components. Pre-routed cable management makes construction simple and prevents cables from getting in the way of crucial air currents.

The H1 can accommodate “most” current GPUs, and the pre-build system the NZXT offers comes with an RTX 2070, so expect the H1 to be a fine choice even if you plan to power your gaming with the latest and greatest video cards. Multiple graphics cards are obviously not an option, so keep that in mind if you’re into that sort of thing.

Pricing on the H1 starts at $349.99, which is a steal when you consider what it already comes with pre-installed. The pre-built option, the NZXT BLD H1 Mini PC, comes with an Intel Core I9 9900k processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Founder’s Edition, and a 2-year warranty. It starts at $1999.00 with the case coming in black or white.

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