Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent – Reroll Guide

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In Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, you will begin the game with one of eight random 5-star travelers. While accepting the random character you get and playing through the game is a perfectly valid option, some players may wish to try again for a different character.

Whether you're targeting a specific character or just want to try your luck again, rerolling your account can be useful for getting the perfect start. Let's take a look at how to reroll your account, and a few good options for 4 and 5-star characters to look out for.

How To Reroll

Rerolling is essentially the process of restarting your account with a different set of characters. Rerolling your account involves playing the opening cutscene and tutorial repeatedly, which can be tedious. If you just want to enjoy the game, rerolling is not necessary.

There are two main checkpoints you'll want to pass before rerolling an account. The first is after you obtain the 5-star character, and the second is after completing the tutorial and receiving 300 Rubies to do a Guide 10. Rerolling after the first checkpoint will be much faster, but rerolling after the second checkpoint will increase the chances of you receiving your desired 4 or 5-star characters.

Do not bind your account to the Square Enix Bridge until you've obtained the account you want to proceed with.

To reroll your account, follow the steps below.

  1. Begin a new game and receive a random 5-star character.
  2. If this is not the character you want, return to the Title Screen and select Options.
  3. From the Options menu, select Delete Account on the right of the screen. This will delete all data associated with your account, returning you to step 1.
  4. After repeating steps 1-3 until you receive the 5-star character you want, continue through the tutorial until you receive 300 Rubies. Use these to Guide 10 times. If you don't receive the characters you want, return to step 1.

Reroll Targets

Of the eight random adventurers you can summon, they are all good, but some are better than others. Additionally, there are a few 4-star characters that stand out from the rest that you may want to prioritize obtaining when rerolling. Listed below are a few of the best characters to look out for when rerolling.

CharacterClassRarityWhy They're Good
  • Has several multi-hit attacks for breaking shields, strong debuffs and high damage.
  • Strong buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies, high single-target and AoE fire damage.
  • Highest attack stat, very high damage against sword-weak enemies.
  • Can break enemy shields regardless of their weaknesses, and deals increased damage to broken enemies.
  • Passive ability can identify enemy's weaknesses from the back row.
  • Multi-hit AoE attacks, can reduce all enemy's physical defense.
  • High single-target damage to spear-weak enemies, can regenerate own health.

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