Oculus.com Replaced By 'Meta Store'

Oculus.com now redirects to a new ‘Meta Store’ website.

Specifically, oculus.com redirects to the Quest section of this new Meta Store. The Oculus blog and Oculus App Store seem to still exist at the old URL, for now at least – though Meta already has a separate blog to which it sometimes posts AR & VR news.

The online store seems to have launched on the same day Meta announced it is opening its first physical store in Burlingame, California. Both the physical store and online store sell the Quest 2 VR headset and Portal video calling appliances, while also marketing the Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses.

This change continues the slow but ongoing rebrand from Oculus Quest to Meta Quest:

  • October 28: Mark Zuckerberg rebrands the company Facebook to Meta, and the company’s incoming CTO announces the Oculus brand will be retired
  • November 5: ‘Meta Quest 2’ starts appearing in promotional material
  • November 19: Meta Quest branding takes over the Oculus website, though the URL remains Oculus.com
  • January 27: the Oculus social media channels are rebranded to Meta Quest, drawing widespread criticism
  • February 10: Quest 2 headsets in the Horizon Worlds Super Bowl ad show a Meta logo on the front instead of the word Oculus
  • March 1: the Oculus logo on Quest bootup is replaced by the Meta logo in a software update
  • March 28: the first images emerge of new Quest 2 packaging with Oculus replaced by Meta

The Oculus brand still remains as the name for the required smartphone app, the URL for the web version of the app store, and the brand for many of the developer tools and SDKs needed to build for Quest.

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