Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Sorrow Valley

There are 31 Mudokons in the Sorrow Valley stage of Oddworld Soulstorm. This stage requires you to use an antidote to save the Mudokons from a Soulstorm-brew caused illness, so be mindful about that. Take your time and use this guide to keep track of the Mudokons you'll need to save.

As with the rest of Oddworld Soulstorm, this stage isn't too challenging if you kill some Sligs. If you're trying to do a pacifist run, saving every Mudokon will be very difficult, but you'll eventually get the game's best ending, so it's up to you if you think it's worth the extra trouble.

Mudokons 1-4

Start going down the main path.

Climb up the cliff.

Before continuing down the path to the gondola, jump onto this platform and then jump up again to the upper section.

Make your way into the cave at the end of the upper path.

Inside the cave will be four Mudokons. Revive all of the Mudokons without alerting the Slogs.

Two Mudokons will be in the section above the entrance. They are next to a couple of Slogs, so be careful. Also, make sure to pick up the gas canister in the room behind them, which you'll need to advance in the level.

The other two Mudokons are right from the entrance beside the campfire. Save these two whilst sneaking to avoid alerting any enemies.

The portal will be right of these Mudokons, but if you use your chant beside the Slogs, they will awaken and kill you. To get around this, have your Mudokons stay near the Slogs while you jump up to the platform above. From there, use your chant to open the portal.

Once they are safe, leave the cave and head to the gondola.

Mudokons 5-8

While you cross the gap with the gondola, use your chant to possess a flying Slig and use their gun to kill the rest of the Sligs in the area.

Then gun down the wooden barricades in front of the platforms below the gondola landing on the other side.

Go through the secret area entrance on the bottom platform.

Once you enter the secret area, go all the way left to save these four Mudokons. Take out the Sligs any way you want, or avoid taking them out if you're trying to be a pacifist.

Send the Mudokons through the portal, then exit the secret area.

Mudokons 9-11

Go right from the gondola and climb up the wall.

Use the hanging bars to jump across to another secret area.

The first Mudokon is at the very top of this area.

Go past the portal on the left, break the wooden crates, then revive the other two Mudokons. Send the Mudokons through the portal and climb down to the main path.

Mudokons 12-14

Go left until you reach the section pictured above. Go to the lower platform here and then go right.

Revive all three Mudokons with the antidote here.

Go left, and make your way across the minefield silently. Once you reach the end, send the Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 15-16

Go left again until you reach the area shown above.

Go towards the right and then go down.

At the end of this path is two Mudokons. Send them through the portal.

Mudokon 17-21

Go back up to the main path and go through this door.

Watch out for the Slogs in this cave. You can save the first Mudokon by the door.

Go left towards the portal, then jump to the platform just right of it. Save the Mudokon here. Make sure to grab the gas canister to progress in the level.

On the other side of the portal, climb up to the platform above. Save the other three Mudokons up here without alerting the Slogs.

Press the button beside the portal. Send all the Mudokons through the portal. Then leave the cave.

Mudokon 22-27

Go across the gondola, use a flying Slig to clear the way.

Keep going towards the left.

Climb up the wall.

Keep going up the platforms.

Once you reach this area, go under the security light, then use your chant to possess a flying Slig.

Go through the maze with the Slig, activate all the levers. Use the flamethrower to clear out the wooden area, then open the door for Abe.

Once you get the door open for Abe, kill the Slig. Then drop down as Abe to the door at the bottom of this area.

Once you go inside the cave, there will be a bunch of Mudokons spread around this cave. Revive all five Mudokons and then sneak past the dogs to the portal. Have the Mudokons wait beside the portal, then have Abe climb above to safety.

Use your chant to open the portal.

Mudokons 28-31

Leave this area and continue right down the main path.

Go past the checkpoint and kill the Slig. Then drop down to the lower platform and head left.

Save the three Mudokons here.

Send them through the portal.

The last Mudokon is below this area, so climb down the platforms until you reach them.

Once you revive them, climb back up to the portal and them through it too.

Finish the level, hopefully having rescued as many Mudokons as possible.

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