One Of Destiny 2’s Enhanced Perks Was So Good It Was Triggering The Game’s Anti-Cheat

The Witch Queen brought many new perks to Destiny 2’s sandbox, with the best of them being the new “Enhanced” perks. These are familiar perks like Enhanced Subsistence, Enhanced Threat Detector, or Enhanced Rampage that offer slight improvements over regular versions, such as greater effect uptime.

So far, the Destiny 2 community’s analysis reveals not all of these Enhanced perks are worth grinding for, but there was definitely one standout. As with the other perks, Enhanced Pulse Monitor offered more than its regular counterpart, providing Guardians with a free reload and enhanced handling on weapons when lightly damaged. However, Enhanced Pulse Monitor allowed weapons to be reloaded beyond their usual magazine cap, adding more and more bullets to the mag and eventually resulting in a weapon with thousands of bullets that essentially never needed to reload.

That’s good. Real good. So good that it triggered Destiny 2’s BattlEye anti-cheat and started banning accounts.

Guardians reported on social media that letting Enhanced Pulse Monitor perk proc too often would result in an account ban as BattlEye registered a game state that shouldn’t be possible. Bungie has since stepped in to stop more accounts from receiving a ban by disabling the Enhanced Pulse Monitor perk, although it hasn’t said whether the perk was working as intended and BattlEye needs recalibrating or Enhanced Pulse Monitor arrived in a bugged state.

Enhanced Pulse Monitor is just the latest thing to be disabled in Destiny 2 in the lead-up to Witch Queen’s first raid. We might see more after tomorrow’s patch where the Suppressive Glaive mod and several Legendary Weapons were named as being bugged.

Witch Queen’s first raid is set to arrive on Saturday, March 5, with teams having until then to get their power levels to the raid-ready 1530. The raid starts at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET), with the first completion expected to unlock all-new content for the rest of the Destiny 2 community shortly thereafter.

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