Ori And The Will Of The Wisps: Here’s What To Do With Gorlek Ore

While exploring the expansive map of Ori and the Will Of The Wisps there’s a strong chance that you’ve picked up an unusual item known as Gorlek Ore. The game is rather ambiguous about what it’s supposed to be for, simply stating that a talented builder might be able to use it. So it would be understandable if most players chose to ignore this item since it doesn’t seem to have any immediate value.

That would be a pretty silly mistake. Although it initially seems like just another item to throw in your inventory and forget about, Gorlek Ore will become surprisingly beneficial to you at a certain point in the game.

Got Some Projects To Finish

When you’re first starting out in Ori and the Will Of The Wisps you won’t be able to do much with Gorlek Ore besides hoard any that you come across. Its true purpose will soon become apparent once you gain the ability to use enemy projectiles to reach higher and previously out of reach areas. The game’s story will eventually lead you to a place called Wellspring Glades, which is located in the northern part of the map.

Once there, the player will meet a character named Grom who introduces himself as a craftsman of sorts. He’ll reveal that he has a list of projects that he’s having difficulty completing due to a lack of Gorlek Ore. Thankfully, Ori is a notoriously helpful spirit and can give all the ore he has to Grom so he can get the forest back into decent shape.

Time To Get To Work

As for what these projects do, they tend to open up new areas around Wellspring Glades that can hold items and new side quests. You’re also helping fantastical woodland critters rebuild their home which should be enough of a heart-warming reward in and of itself.

These are the various projects that Grom needs your help with:

  • Rebuild the Spirit Well: Unlocks the Spirit Well for saving and fast travel for 1 Gorlek Ore.
  • Thorny Situation: Removes thorns around the Glades and opens up a nearby pit. Requires 5 Gorlek Ore.
  • Clear The Cave Entrance:  Opens up a cave inside the pit. Unlocks after Thorny Situation is completed. Requires 6 Gorlek Ore.
  • The Gorlek Touch: Grom gets to do some interior decorating. Unlocks after Clear The Cave Entrance is completed. Requires 10 Gorlek Ore.
  • Dwelling Repairs: Lets the adorable Moki move back to the Glades. Requires 4 Gorlek Ore.
  • Roof Over Heads: Grom will build houses for the Moki. Unlocks after Dwelling Repairs is completed. Requires 6 Gorlek Ore.
  • Onwards and Upwards: Grom builds even more Moki houses. Unlocks after Roof Over Heads is completed. Requires 8 Gorlek Ore.

At the very least, the first project on this list is definitely worth doing as it opens up the Spirit Well there so you can and warp to the Glades any time you want.

Get Mining Ori!

If you’re a bit of an explorer then you should find plenty of Ore laying in Will Of The Wisps’ various nooks and crannies. It’s worth your while to return them to Grom every so often so that Wellspring Glades can be returned to its former glory.

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