Outriders Dev Provides Tips And Tricks To Survive Enoch

Now that its servers are online, players are discovering Outriders isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With numerous World Tiers and uber-powerful Altered roaming the battlefield, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while exploring Enoch.

If you’ve been having trouble working your way through Outriders, here’s a list of beginner tips straight from the development team:

Try All The Classes

Don’t be afraid to roll new characters and try out a different class. Each one comes with its own set of pros and cons, catering to a different style of play. If you’re having trouble with the early sections of Outriders it might be best to jump into a different class.

Be Mindful Of Your Build

Once you’ve found a class that best suits your playstyle, be careful with how you allocate your skill points. Each branch on the tree provides different benefits, and you’ll want to carefully consider all options before locking in your decision.

Learn How To Heal

All classes in Outriders have the ability to heal – but not all heal the same way. Tricksters and Devastators need to get close to enemies, Pyromancers need to mark foes to heal, and Technomancers steal health as they deal damage.

Don’t Stay Still

The first you probably learned about Outriders is that standing still is a death sentence. Stay on the move, watch your surroundings, and only hunker down when absolutely necessary.

Remember To Melee

All classes come with two melee moves. One takes effect while stationary, and the other only works while sprinting. Learn how to use both of these to your advantage and turn the tide without wasting ammo.

Interrupt The Altered

Altered can send out devastating attacks if you don’t jump in and interrupt the casting process. Certain skills and melee abilities can stop these attacks in their tracks – take the time necessary to figure out which of your skills can interrupt Altered abilities and use them accordingly.

Beyond those six tips, the team also mentioned a few other ways you can improve your Outriders skills:

  • Explore each level for powerful gear
  • Dismantle unused loot for resources
  • Craft new gear
  • Change World Tiers if things get rough

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