Outriders’ Future DLC Would Be ‘Significant Expansions With Self-Contained Stories’

Outriders is a brand-new looter-shooter developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. The game has gotten quite positive reviews both from the community and critics. The game is fairly long with over 25 hours of story campaign and after that, hours of end-game content. The game is released as a complete package with no DLC expansion. However, PCF has stated that they are not abandoning the game and are interested in creating future content for Outriders.

In an interview with Forbes’ Paul Tassi, Bartek Kmita, the Creative Director at PCF, revealed that they have a lot more stories to tell and great ideas for the future of Outriders that they couldn’t fit in the main game.

“We never said that we would abandon the game,” Kmita explained. “This isn’t a games-as-a-service, but if people like it, we will definitely be doing more things in the Outriders universe. We have so many more stories to tell, and a lot of ideas we want to explore that we couldn’t fit in the original game, so we’re happy to create more content in the future. Anything we would make would be in the form of significant expansions with self-contained stories.”

People Can Fly has said on many occasions that Outriders is a complete game with no piece of content cut from the original story to be released as DLC in the future.  The game features tons of amazing weapons and armor pieces.

PCF has previously confirmed that they will create future DLC for Outriders if players are interested. At launch, Outriders saw over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam along with tens of thousands of players playing on consoles as well.

On top of that, there were over 170,000 viewers watching Outriders content on Twitch as well. This shows that Outriders is a huge success for People Can Fly and Square Enix.

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