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All of the classes in Outriders have their merits. All have different strengths and weaknesses, and it wouldn’t be fair to try and compare them or say which was best. However, the Technomancer is the clear winner of the “coolest class name’ competition”. And, since Outriders is coming to Game Pass on the same day as its release, you can try out this slick build very easily.

The Technomancer takes cool to the extreme by utilizing gadgets and remote weaponry to freeze their opponents. They’re the class that keeps their head while everyone around them is losing theirs. So, to make the most of your Technomancer and best aid your allies by freezing your enemies in the heat of battle, use the build outlined in this guide.

How The Technomancer Heals

Unlike all the other classes in Outriders, the Technomancer regains health through skill and weapon leech – this means that a portion of the damage you deal to enemies is siphoned off and used to heal yourself. As such, the Technomancer can’t regain large amounts of health through killing single opponents as the other classes can. Not to worry though, this does fit in with the intended play style of the Technomancer – long-range support and status inflictions.

Your job will be to stack as many debuffs on enemies as you can so your teammates can take them out while you sit back and shoot from afar. Weakening your enemies with skills and debuffs will allow you to deal relatively large amounts of weapon damage, so healing won’t be a problem as long as you don’t get right into the middle of the fight.

Best Technomancer Subclass

The Demolisher subclass is a jack of all trades but master of none. None of the perks unlocked via this subclass are anything to write home about, so it’s best avoided. Decide if you want to focus on weapon damage or skill damage and then pick the relevant subclass from the two below.

If you want to be a deadly sniper, Pestilence is the subclass for you. The perks on offer here boost weapon damage and leech, while also offering some minor skill boons. This is a good subclass for solo players, but if you’re wanting to play with a team you won’t be supporting them the best you can.

The Tech Shaman subclass feels like the true way to play the Technomancer. With it, you get more health, armor, and skill leech. Your skills will also all be better. Toxic – damages enemies over time – and freeze effects will also make enemies vulnerable – they’ll be more susceptible to damage – which helps you and your team and helps to make up for the lack of weapon leech on offer from this subclass. You also get access to Overclocked, a perk that will revive you upon death once every three minutes. This will help mitigate any mistakes you make with positioning your Technomancer out of harm’s way.

Tech Shaman seems like the best all-around way to play the Technomancer, so it’s the subclass this guide will build upon.

Essential Technomancer Skills

Both the Cryo Turret and Blighted Turret skills seem like no-brainers. The first inflicts freeze on enemies, freezing them in place and rendering them immobile. The second inflicts toxic on enemies and will make them gradually take damage. Throwing these out and then retreating to a nice corner to survey the chaos you’ve caused amongst the enemy ranks will be a sweet feeling.

If you want to take a more active role in combat you could always swap your Blighted Turret for Blighted Rounds, this will load your weapon’s magazine with toxic infused bullets that can affect enemies in a small area around targets, so it’s great for weakening clusters of enemies.

For your last skill, it really depends on if you want to play as a healer or a damage dealer. Fixing Wave will heal you and all your teammates by 33% of your respective maximum health and heal your turrets by 50% too. This is a great skill for helping to keep everyone in the fight and stopping the enemies from being able to push your team back. There’s no range on this skill, so it can heal any deep flankers or hard-to-reach turrets easily.

If you’d rather be a heavy hitter you should use Pain Launcher or Tool Of Destruction. Pain Launcher is a fire-and-forget turret that launches dozens of rockets in an arc in front of it, each dealing damage and interrupting any enemy caught in the blast radius. Tool Of Destruction conjures a rocket launcher that can interrupt enemies or a minigun, pick your poison.

Cold Snap is also a viable final skill. It inflicts freeze onto enemies in a large radius around you. This will mostly be good if you find yourself too deep in enemy territory or you suddenly get flanked and need a quick escape. Your turrets and melee should be freezing opponents pretty regularly though, so this skill slot is probably best left for something more offensive.

Best Technomacer Perks

Technomancer Tactics And Tips

The best thing to do as a Technomancer is place Blighted and Cryo turrets just ahead of your team so that they can inflict toxic and freeze onto enemies while your team takes advantage of their weakened state. You can then find a nice spot to snipe from and use your Fixing Wave when your turrets or your team need a little pick-me-up. Getting headshots on frozen enemies should be a breeze and make healing a bit easier.

As you won’t have access to big healing boosts like the other classes, don’t rush into the middle of a fight as you just won’t have the longevity to survive it. If enemies manage to get in your face while you’re sniping, don’t forget to use your melee ability – it freezes enemies, giving you time to back up or kill them.

Most Useful Technomancer Weapons

Since the Technomancer is best suited for long-range combat and quick engagements, a sniper rifle and assault rifle would make a good pairing. You can use the assault rifle when you’re setting up your turrets and then retreat to use your sniper and pick off the frozen targets. If you get flanked and enemies get too close, switch to your assault rifle again.

If you’re going for Blighted Rounds then really you want an LMG, as their magazine capacity is so large you’ll be able to infect an entire battalion of enemy troops before having to reload.

Smart Technomancer Mods

Mods are passive skills – like perks – that can be found on weapons and armor. Disassembling an item with a certain mod will allow you to unlock it and rebuild it into a different item you craft.

Once you unlock a mod you’re free to use it as often as you like, so get experimenting. Weapon mods are available to all classes, while most armor mods are class-specific. Below are some of the best mods for weapons and armor available to the Pyromancer. While you’re obviously free to use whatever you like, the mods outlined below offer the best synergy with the build already created.

Weapon Mods

  • Critical Point – This mod grants you an additional 15% critical shot chance. This will be great for getting headshots that deal major damage to targets as you sit back and snipe them.
  • Winter Blast  -With Winter Blast, critical shots will cause an icy explosion that inflicts freeze on enemies within a four-meter radius of your initial target. This is great for slowing clusters of enemies and enabling you to pick them all off while they sit frozen and helpless.
  • Killer Medic – This mod heals teammates who are within a five-meter radius of enemies you put down. This is great if you have teammates who like to get stuck in, such as Tricksters and Devastators.
  • Proliferation – Proliferation spreads status afflictions from enemies you shoot onto their nearby allies. This is a great mod to combine with Blighted and Cryo turrets, as you should be able to spread both freeze and toxic to any enemy still standing once your turrets go down.
  • Icebreaker – Icebreaker is great if you want to let your Cryo Turrets do the work. Killing shots on frozen enemies will cause them to shatter and explode, causing damage to enemies around them. As a Technomancer you should be freezing enemies, so this is a great mod.
  • Minefield – Minefield will place explosives around any enemies you kill with your weapons. These deal damage in a three-meter radius which will help you block narrow parts of the map and defend specific routes to your team.

Icebreaker and Proliferation are probably the best skills for an offensively minded Technomancer, so go for those if you want to crack heads. Icebreaker on a sniper and Proliferation on an assault rifle should serve you well in most situations.

If you want to play a bit more of a supporting or healing role, then go for Killer Medic on a sniper and Minefield on an assault rifle.

Armour Mods

Armour Reduction, Better Parts, Increase Damage, and Bonus Duration all improve your Cryo and Blighted Turrets. They help them eat through enemy armor, deal more damage, and stick around longer. If you’re going for a true sniper build where you lay down some turrets and then get out of the fight, this is an essential combination of mods for you. Combine these with the Fixing Wave skill and your turrets should stay active for ages, continuously putting the hurt on your foes.

If you’re wanting to improve your Pain Launcher skill, then Freeze BarrageCannonade, and Rain of Pain are the skills for you. The first two add a freeze effect and an extra ten rockets respectively. This is a great combination that will allow you to freeze an entire vertical line of the battlefield while also dealing heavy damage. Rain of Pain reduces the skill’s cooldown by 34%, making it an essential mod for anyone using it, as the Tech Shaman subclass doesn’t decrease ordinance skill cooldown.

Cleansing Wind is a great addition to the Fixing Wind Skill. It adds a purging effect that will also remove any negative status afflictions from you and your team and grants you all a five-second immunity from them. This will be really useful in boss fights or against enemies who like to inflict ailments on you.

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