Outriders Update Fixes Stuttering And Stability Issues On PC

Outriders had a bit of a rocky start – thanks to hordes of players overwhelming its servers – but the team is already pushing updates live to patch out some of the lingering problems. If you happen to be experiencing stuttering and stability issues on PC, the latest update from People Can Fly should help smooth things out.

The update applies to Outriders on Steam, as some players were reporting various performance issues on the platform.

“This is specifically for anyone still encountering stuttering or stability issues,” reads the announcement. “We have just pushed a Config update to Steam that will ensure that DX11 now launches as intended (yesterday’s launcher was not launching DX11 properly).”

The announcement continues: “DX11 was the version of DirectX that the demo was running with. You MUST restart Steam to acquire the new config, which will include a minor download. After you restart, launch Outriders in DX11 mode from within your library (not your downloads). Please do let us know if this has helped your stuttering or performance issues.”

If that still doesn’t work, the team has put together a list of other workarounds that might solve your specific issue.

Outriders saw a surprising number of players on launch day, reaching over 100,000 concurrents within hours of going live. Connection problems seem to be the most common complaint, although it’s great to see People Can Fly fixing simple performance issues less than a day after release.

In fact, Square Enix was well-aware of the launch day issues, telling players to avoid crossplay for the time being. The publisher said a “desynchronization between the PC and console code” was leading to various issues with crossplay, including long loading times and even complete disconnects. Things have settled down a bit, although players are still swarming the servers.

Outriders is a new IP from People Can Fly that throws you into conflict on an alien planet. You’ll choose between one of four classes, each with its own unique playstyle. If you’re looking for some tips to get the upper hand, be sure to check out our extensive guide and walkthrough.

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