Overwatch 2 Fans Fear Brigitte Will Be The Next Hero To Be Disabled

Overwatch 2 has been a bit of a buggy mess since launch, and Blizzard has shown that it's not shy about completely removing a character from the roster should players discover a horrible glitch that dramatically effects the game in some way. For example, Bastion was recently put back in the roster after being pulled due to a bug with his Ultimate that allowed him to spam as many artillery shells as the player wanted rather than the usual three.

The most recent character to be temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 was Mei, after players discovered they could use her Ice Wall ability and an ally Kiriko player to glitch outside of the map. With the frequency of Blizzard pulling Heroes from the roster, questions have been raised as to whether the developer has any other characters on the chopping block, and most fans are currently side-eyeing Brigitte.

As demonstarted in a recent YouTube video (thanks GamesRadar), with the help of an ally Kiriko and her ability to reduce cooldowns, Brigitte can create an invincible shield that will never break. She can also use other abilities and quickly bring the invincible shield back up, meaining Brigitte is a lot trickier to take down. It seems this bug was found in the original Overwatch way back in 2018, but has now resurfaced due to the introduction of Kiriko. I'm starting to think she's a bad influence on the rest of the cast.

In the comments of the YouTube video and in a Reddit thread discussing Mei's removal from the roster, players speculate that this bug might be severe enough the warrant the Healer being disabled by Blizzard similar to Torjorn and Bastion. Then again, Sombra is still in the game and she still has the ability to teleport inside of the payload even after the game's latest mega patch, so who knows anymore with Blizzard. All Brigitte mains can do is hope and pray that she doesn't suffer the same fate as the other characters.

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