Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Hero Guide

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Make some noise for the queen! Overwatch 2 has characters ranging from many backgrounds and morality, but Junker Queen is in her own league. She's one of the coolest and the most intimidating characters in the game, and going against her can be quite a nightmare if the enemy knows how to utilize her.

The game features a five vs five mechanic where both teams fight over the same objective. You can have a map where the objective is the same for both sides, while there are also maps where one team has to escort an objective as the other team tries to stop it.

Junker Queen's Role In Overwatch 2

When you queue for a game in Overwatch 2, you'll be able to see over 30 heroes divided into three roles: Tank, Support, and Damage. If you try to find a game in Role Queue, you'll be limited to the role you selected and your queue time will also depend on it.

On the other hand, Open Queue usually gives you a game quickly, and you can select any character you want across all three roles at any point in the game. Unfortunately, this leads to scenarios where enemies might have an undefeatable composition.

Considering Junker Queen's vibe and personality, you'd think that she belongs to the Damage role. Unfortunately, the developers made her a Tank character because of her decently high health.

She shares the same Tank passive with every other hero in the role that knocks her back less from an enemy's ability. Furthermore, she can also generate ultimate points by taking damage or healing herself. As a Tank, your job is to protect your teammates from getting picked off by the enemy.

Junker Queen Abilities

The main differentiating factor between characters in Overwatch 2 is their abilities. Every hero has four to six skills including their weapons, active abilities, passive abilities, and ultimate. The difference in the number of abilities across all the heroes is quite a unique trait in this game.

There are a handful of characters in the game that also get their unique passive other than the role passive. The developers have given a lot of consideration to the choice of characters that get their own passive, and Junker Queen is one of them.

All of Junker Queen's abilities scream aggression, and here's what they do for the team:

Ability NameAbility TypeDescription
ScattergunWeaponThis is a pump-action shotgun. Just like every other shotgun, it deals a devastating blow when the enemies are close to you, but it'll barely make a scratch on them if they're far away. You have six bullets in one magazine of the Scattergun.
Jagged BladeActive AbilityJunker Queen has a dangerous blade of her own that wounds every enemy she hits. Upon activating this ability, you will throw the blade in the direction of your crosshair. Activate it again to call the blade back with the enemy it hits.

The enemy will also get wounded by your melee attacks if the blade is in your hand. Although, if you've thrown it out, your melee attacks will show you punching the enemy. This will not give them the wounded effect.

Commanding ShoutActive AbilityWhenever you activate this ability, Junker Queen will shout, and you'll see a circle around her. The hero and the allies in the radius will get temporary health and speed for a short duration.
CarnageActive AbilityThe queen picks up her giant hammer and slashes it in front of her. The enemies nearby take a lot of damage and also get the wounded effect. The animation for this ability tends to make its radius look smaller than it is.
Adrenaline RushUnique Passive AbilityA lot of the abilities mentioned above give a wounded effect on the enemies. While this effect depletes their health slowly for a short duration, it also heals Junker Queen whenever an enemy loses health because of it.
RampageUltimateWith a roar, Junker Queen charges toward her enemies. You can steer her movement a little during this dash. The enemies hit during this dash get the wounded effect, and they are also unable to heal by any means for a short duration.

Tips To Play As Junker Queen

Junker Queen can be a tricky hero to master because her abilities require a ton of precision and timing. You'll have to spend a lot of time in practice or Quick Play games before you're confident enough to try her in Competitive, especially now that there is only one tank in a team.

While your teammates might give you a hard time as you learn the character, here are a few tips that'll make the process easier:

Wounding Enemies Is Important

After seeing that three of her skills wound the enemies you hit, it's obvious that this is an important part of her kit. Not only does she deal constant damage to the enemies with it, but she also heals herself. Her aggressive play style works best when you go into an enemy's face and attack them at a close range.

Don't overestimate the amount of healing you can get from the Adrenaline Rush passive. It heals you for around 30 health every time you wound an enemy with the dagger, which is hardly significant when it's compared to the damage you might be taking.

The amount of healing you get from Carnage is far more than what you get from Jagged Blade. Furthermore, it also increases based on the number of wounded enemies there are. So, it's recommended to hit as many of them as possible with your abilities if you want to make your passive viable.

It's also important to note that if an enemy dies while they're wounded, you stop getting the healing you were supposed to get from them. Ideally, you'd want to finish off an enemy with low health as you wound another one with a decent chunk of health.

She's Not That Good For Tanking

Junker Queen has a total of 425 health excluding the temporary health she can get from Commanding Shout. This is one of the lowest among all the Tanks in the game. Furthermore, she doesn't have any ability to reduce the damage taken by her or her allies.

While she can provide some temporary health to her teammates, she doesn't have any major crowd-controlling or projectile-blocking abilities to protect her teammates. This makes her quite a terrible Tank, and it's not a surprise considering all of her abilities hint at an aggressive play style.

The only problem is that there's only one Tank in the game, and if you decide to play Junker Queen, your team will be left vulnerable in a lot of instances.

There are a couple of ways to mitigate this problem, but you'll have to play with some of your friends to do that. Here's how you can play Junker Queen without putting your team at a disadvantage:

  • Ask your allies to play tanky characters from other roles like Bastion or Brigitte. This will increase the overall health of your team, removing the problems caused by your lack of health.
  • You can also ask your team to play Support characters that can heal a lot like Mercy or Kiriko. If you can't have as much health as the enemy, it's always good to simply heal more than them.

Long-Range Enemies Are Her Nightmare

When you decide to play Junker Queen, you'll dread everything if you get heroes like Hanzo or Widowmaker in the enemy team. Here are a few reasons for that:

  • Jagged Blade is extremely hard to aim at long range. This is because it has a short hitbox and its projectile is unique. Furthermore, if the dagger gets too far from the queen, it'll automatically return to her instantly.
  • You need to get close to an enemy to attack them with your shotgun or Carnage. You will feel quite useless when you can't do anything about snipers.
  • Finally, the enemies mentioned above can get to the roof of a building even if they don't have stairs. If you can't hit these enemies with your dagger, there's no way for you to attack them.

These reasons make it hard for anyone to be a one-trick Junker Queen.

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