Overwatch 2 Players Debate Whether 6v6 Should Return

Overwatch 2 replaced the original game back in October, for better or for worse. It introduced a whole swathe of changes, but one of the biggest scrapped 6v6 in favor of 5v5 games instead. It's proven an unpopular change for some, although there are people who see the merits of playing in smaller teams. Now players on the Overwatch 2 subreddit have had their say, and arguments are just as mixed.

Overwatch 2 player u/greatrater kicks things off by saying they hope 6v6 comes back as they felt the bigger teams were more fun. Hundreds of comments quickly flooded in supporting the idea, including one from u/trotterdevan96 who is pretty sick of not being able to team up with all of their friends now and have to have one person constantly on rotation. For fans of the original game who had already set up a team of six friends to play with, you can see how the 5v5 format might be a little irritating.

There are just as many comments disagreeing with the return of 6v6 as well though, including u/jayliens who acknowledges balance issues in Overwatch 2 at the moment, but prefers the cleaner visuals that comes with 5v5. This sentiment is shared by u/RealAssetHendo who feels like 5v5 games are much more satisfying, claiming that the original Overwatch felt a lot clunkier back during 6v6.

Then you have those that are trying to think of possible solutions that could please everyone. There are several people who think that Blizzard should reintroduce 6v6 matches as a part of the game's Arcade Mode, while some like u/ItsTheSolo think that a new Off Tank role should be added to 6v6 modes to ensure teams don't spam shields.

Whatever plans Blizzard has for the future, it's clear that some hope that 6v6 returns in some capacity. Whether or not Blizzard will actually listen to fans is another matter entirely though.

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