Overwatch 2 Tank And DPS Players Face Ten Minute Queues

Overwatch 2 players still really don't want to play Support, as queue times for DPS and Tank are over ten minutes. At the time of writing, getting into a game as either role in EU servers will take around 11 minutes, but just two minutes if you're willing to play a healer.

This comes as Blizzard increases the incentive for joining the Support queue from 100 to 500 extra Battle Pass XP, clearly trying to pull more players away from DPS and Tank and free up some space. However, it appears that this still isn't enough, as the community would rather get right into the action than spend the match babysitting their team.

This also comes after the new Hero, Kiriko, became available in Competitive matches. It seems that even this isn't enough to entice players over.

Interestingly, DPS is experiencing the longest queue, despite two players having the role per match. There's only one Tank in every team, yet this queue is occasionally dipping below the ten-minute mark.

Too many Tank and Damage players is far from the only issue facing Competitive Overwatch, however. As we reported earlier this week, many players are refusing to communicate in matches, as they complain that the community has become more toxic since the release of Overwatch 2. Across social media, these players are encouraging others to also switch off voice and text chat in-game, saying that it is essential to protect your mental health. Indeed, anyone who has been on a losing team can attest to how toxic it can get, with players quick to dish out the blame if the enemy is in the lead.

It remains to be seen if Blizzard has any other tricks up its sleeve to combat the long queue times. But if a new Hero and more XP aren't enough, the devs will really have to get creative.

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