Overwatch Ditches A Tank In First Experimental Mode Test

If you are a Competitive mode player and you want to suit up as a DPS hero, you know you have some time to kill, as a match likely won’t be found for five to ten minutes. While it’s nice that Blizzard added the ability to practice or play deathmatch as you wait, the real solution we all want to see is faster matchmaking times.

Blizzard has an idea that may lead to a solution, and it completely changes to the hero balancing. Rather than having a team consist of two tanks, two DPS, and two support, Blizzard is removing one tank and filling that spot with a third DPS. This isn’t a permanent change, and you’ll have a hand in saying whether or not it should be. The test will unfold through Overwatch’s new Experimental card, which arrives tomorrow. The test is called “Triple Damage,” but it could also be called “No Shield” for teams that have off tanks like Roadhog, D.Va, and Zarya. To counteract the lack of a tank, Blizzard has made huge changes to the hero balancing. We’ll find out exactly what they are tomorrow.

Experimental matches still give you progress in leveling up and events, so it may not be a bad idea to jump into the test and contribute to the future of the game. You can learn more about Triple Damage watching the developer video above.

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