Overwatch Gets New Experimental Mode, Starting With Triple Damage Role Queue

The widely popular team-based shooter Overwatch will “hopefully” be adding a brand new Experimental Mode on February 25. To get the ball rolling, the game will be introducing a role queue called Triple Damage to serve as Experimental Mode’s first test.

In a recent developer update, Jeff Kaplan explained that Overwatch‘s new Experimental Mode will essentially be a place for the game’s developers to test out new ideas, see how they work, and obtain player feedback at the same time. Kaplan also stressed that the mode’s purpose isn’t to fix bugs or figure out stability, but rather to test new gameplay ideas.

The first idea Kaplan hopes to test is the Triple Damage role queue, which will have teams consisting of three damage players, one tank, and two support. Triple Damage will look to fix long wait times that players have been experiencing since the introduction of the role queue feature, and it hopes to introduce a new style of Overwatch gameplay as well.

Kaplan went on to add that the Overwatch team will be closely monitoring queue times for damage players within the Experimental Mode. Kaplan hopes to see if adding another damage role will actually help the amount of time that players have to wait for a match, or if it doesn’t make a difference.

He also mentions that player feedback is a huge focus of the mode, as it will considerably change the balance of many characters, specifically “off-tanks,” such as Roadhog, D.Va, and Zarya. Kaplan urged players not to “‘freak out,” as this is merely a test and isn’t planned to be implemented competitively unless it goes surprisingly well.

Finally, Kaplan explained that players will also be incentivized to play Experimental Mode. The experience they earn will still contribute to their next level, and Kaplan even hinted that special exclusive rewards may be given to those playing the Experimental Mode during events.

Overwatch‘s Experimental Mode proves to be yet another example of Kaplan and his team working tirelessly to improve the game. The Overwatch community has remained strong in the years since its release, and Overwatch 2 is expected some time this year.

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