Overwatch is free on PC till January, 67% off on consoles

Blizzard’s hugely successful hero shooter is free, or close to it, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from now until early next year.

Overwatch is getting on for five years old now but while there is a sequel in development it’s not intended to be completely separate and the two will eventually meld into one single game – which means it’s well worth trying to get some practice in now if you’ve never played the original.

Blizzard quite regularly make Overwatch free for a couple of days at a time on PC but now the entire game is free until January 4.

Not only that but you can buy the game at 50% off during that time and when it stops being free all your progress will be carried over as normal.

There’s no free trial for the console versions but both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are currently 67% off, which works out at £16.49. Unsurprisingly, the Nintendo Switch version is still £35.99.

So, again, that’s the full game with all 32 heroes and 28 maps (all the DLC in Overwatch is free), which has got to count as pretty good value for money.

Like most games this year Overwatch 2 has been delayed by the coronavirus, but Blizzard has promised an update in February.

Very little has been shown of the game yet, outside some pre-rendered promotional videos, so it’s not clear exactly how much of a traditional of sequel it’s going to be.

Whether there’ll be dedicated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions at some point is also a mystery, and one we’re unlikely to see answered until February at the earliest.

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