Pacific Rim: The Black Renewed For Second Season On Netflix

“It’s not over yet,” writes the official Pacific Rim Twitter account, confirming the animated series’ second season. “There’s so much more to The Black…”

Yes, Pacific Rim: The Black apparently got enough eyeballs to warrant a second season. A good thing, too, as the last season left off on a bit of a cliffhanger.

For those who haven’t seen the series that began airing earlier in March, Pacific Rim: The Black takes place after the events of the two Pacific Rim movies in an area of Australia called “The Black.” Abandoned by humanity following deadly kaiju invasions, siblings Taylor and Hayley fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. After finding an old training Jaeger, the two vow to leave The Black in search of their parents who were both legendary Jaeger pilots themselves.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of giant robot versus giant monster action to be found. It’s a good show, but one that Vaspaan notes could have done so much more to flesh out the intriguing history of Pacific Rim.

Still, a second season is certainly welcome, especially since it’ll hopefully tie up some loose plot threads, especially surrounding a mysterious child that Taylor and Hayley rescue early in the series.

Netflix has a lot of new content in store for us, including Shadow and Bone, the new live-action series based on Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novel series. When Alina Starkov discovers an awesome power she becomes the center of attention for a fractured empire desperately trying to escape a deadly barrier called “The Shadow Fold.”

Shadow and Bone starts streaming on April 23. The Witcher Season 2 is also in production now, with recent stills confirming The Wild Hunt are on their way.

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