Panzer Dragoon Remake Flies Over To Xbox One On December 11

After months of silence on the existence of an Xbox One port, publisher Forever Entertainment has confirmed that Panzer Dragoon Remake will be flying over to Microsoft’s console on December 11, 2020. While not packing any kind of upgrades for the recently released Series X, owners of the newer device will be able to enjoy this title via backward compatibility.

With this release, the game will officially be on every major modern platform…unless we’re counting next-generation consoles. At least PS5 and Series X offer the ability to play older games, though you may not necessarily need to grab this remake. An exceptionally faithful remake to the Sega Saturn original, it clocks in at a whopping 60 minutes long for a first time playthrough. That’s not unexpected, but you should definitely be wary of that before buying.

If you do happen to have an Xbox console, you could always grab Panzer Dragoon Orta for the original Xbox and play it via backward compatibility. Possibly the best game in the series, Orta includes an unlockable version of the PC port of Panzer Dragoon, which is pretty interesting. It runs wonderfully on Xbox One X and would likely run even better via a Series X.

If you’d like to have something with a little more visual flair, though, this remake isn’t bad. Just temper your expectations and you should walk away having had a good time. If nothing else, buying this will increase the chances of developer MegaPixel Studio being able to continue with remakes for the sequels, which are much better than the first.

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