PAX East Preview: Cyber Shadow

PAX East 2020 kicks off later this week and we at TheGamer are going to do our best to bring you coverage of cool games. One of those games happens to be Cyber Shadow, the Yacht Club Games published retro platformer. Taking a lot of cues from the likes of Ninja Gaiden, this game looks to continue the excellent trend of platforming goodness that Yacht club started with Shovel Knight.

Originally revealed last March at PAX East (oddly enough), Yacht Club is bringing the game back to this year’s show floor with a new demo for fans to take a crack at. Borrowing heavily from similar NES games -such as Batman, Shatterhand, and Shadow of the Ninja-, one could be fooled into believing this was a long lost 8-bit title getting resurrected.

Cyber Shadow is the first game developed by indie studio Mechanical Head Games. The project began life over a decade prior by creator Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker. Yacht Club happened to notice it online and wanted to lend its talents to make the game a reality. While development is being done completely by Mechanical Head, Yacht Club will be providing publishing and porting help to get Cyber Shadow on as many platforms as possible.

As for what we can expect, the screenshots kind of say it all. This looks like an ultra-hardcore action platformer. It is very reminiscent of the stuff Sunsoft was doing on the NES and even has a similar soundtrack. You can see all kinds of vibes from Koei Tecmo’s classic games buried deep within Cyber Shadow. This could be the linear platformer that The Messenger initially looked like.

Last year’s demo was only the first level, so 2020’s should probably have more going on. We might be lucky enough to see multiple boss fights and even some additional scenarios. There’s still no confirmed release date, so it’s hard to say how far along Cyber Shadow will be.

Thankfully, this will be one of the first games we look at during PAX East. Except to learn more from us this weekend after we process all of the cool ninja action that Yacht Club is bringing.

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