PAX East Preview: Dangerous Driving 2

When Criterion Games co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left EA Games with Paul Ross in 2013, their goal was to get back into the business of making fun games. Having a penchant for arcade experiences that put fun above all else, the trio founded Three Fields Entertainment the following year to get back to their roots.

After releasing their first title in Dangerous Golf, the company felt confident enough to take a stab at recreating the iconic Burnout series. In 2017, Danger Zone was released on Steam and PS4 and was an attempt to rekindle the passion gamers had for Burnout’s insane crashes. It was a modest success and spawned a sequel that kind of missed the landing.

Still, undeterred, Three Fields moved onto recreating the real deal and released Dangerous Driving in 2019. More akin to Burnout 3 than simply a single game mode, Dangerous Driving was honestly a fairly good facsimile of what Burnout used to be. Fast, dangerous, arcadey as hell, and super colorful. Having remade Burnout 3, though, what was next?

Enter Dangerous Driving 2, the open-world sequel to Three Fields’ Burnout clone. Taking more of a page out of Burnout Paradise’s playbook, Dangerous Driving 2 promises to be the massive driving experience that fans have wanted for over a decade. Paradise may not be held in the same regard as the earlier Burnout entries, but it was one of the first times that an open-world racer felt right.

What can we expect from the PAX East 2020 demo? Well, for starters, actual footage of the game. Dangerous Driving 2 was only announced publically recently. Three Fields had been working on it in secret ever since the release of the original last year. We don’t really know what form this game will take.

We do know that offline split-screen multiplayer is now a feature. The original Dangerous Driving lacked multiplayer for a month until an update added it, but it still never gave an offline option. Dangerous Driving 2 is going more old-school in this regard.

We’ll also get a chance to see if the technology powering this game has improved a bit. On PC, Dangerous Driving ran fine, but the console ports suffered immensely. If you owned only a base PS4 or Xbox One, you might as well have skipped the game. It ran at 30 FPS and wasn’t even smooth doing so. With Dangerous Driving 2 now coming to Switch, we’ll get a chance to see if Nintendo’s hybrid platform can sustain such a massive game.

More than anything, it’ll be great to see something like Burnout again. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up like Danger Zone 2, but I have faith that Three Fields will have another winner on its hands.

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