PAX East Preview: Orion13

You can play what might be the first non-rail hack-and-slash action game in VR at PAX East next weekend.

VR has a problem: you can’t really move around. Sure, you can whip your arms about and move in place, but you can’t run or jump or act like you’re moving through a virtual environment because you’ll eventually just run into the real environment and break your headset.

Orion13 thinks it may have cracked the code. This action-packed hack-and-slash adventure combines handheld controls with VR motion sensing that let you run in an ‘80s-inspired robot metropolis while also engaging in vicious swordplay.

You play as the titular Orion13, a combat robot that has some human memory implants installed that causes her to eventually become self-aware. She then tries to break off from the rigid robot society in order to “go home,” wherever that might be.

However, the other self-aware AI robots that control the city try to stop her. Can’t just have sentient robots running around – it might cause other robots to start thinking for themselves, and then there’d be robot anarchy!

“I guess there is a parallel to Orion’s society and ours in the way that hierarchies/class structures are built to contain people within those layers. Orion is breaking through,” says Scott Matalon, President and Lead Developer at Boston-based Metro VR Studios. “She’s just trying to get home – she’s just a girl in the wild.”

Unlike many other VR games, Orion13 has a full character model that will let you see your entire robot bod if you look down. You’ll also be able to interact with your environment in more ways than just slicing things with your sword. Orion13 will have an inventory full of bombs, keycards, shields, and other items that you pick up in your travels.

But the big selling point is the movement. You can actually move freely throughout the environment, jumping from platforms or running from hordes of attacking enemy robots. It’s that marriage of movement and combat that sets Orion13 apart.

Orion13 is available now on Steam and Oculus Rift. Check it out at PAX East starting on February 27th.

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