People Are Being Sent The Entirety Of Morbius On Discord

The 2000s saw us sending Never Gonna Give You Up to Rick Roll our friends, then the 2010s saw us 'Gnoming' people by sending pictures of hapless garden gnomes, but the 2020s are off to a much, much worse start. People are sending all 90 minutes of Morbius–it's called Morbin.

"Be careful everyone, some freaks are posting a webm video to Discords (with the title full-1_1.webm) that, when clicked, loads up a 90-minute long video that is in fact the entirety of the film Morbius," VTuber Neco-Tan tweeted. "If you click it, you will lose 90 minutes to [wild] Morbin action. Be warned."

This tweet went semi-viral, prompting others to share similar horror stories, whether it was separately, through quote retweets, or in the comments. "Got Morbed today," Lilly wrote. "NOT awesome!" Others simply said, "This happened to me," and "It's me, I'm the one doing this."

But it goes beyond DMs from friends and strangers—some people are Morbin entire servers, exposing everyone to Matt Smith's topless dance number. It's relentless, but the warning hasn't been the biggest help. Someone shared it to their Discord only to get a reply that was, unfortunately, the entirety of Morbius.

It's a bat-eat-bat kind of world out there. But there might be more to the video. Allegedly, "If you watch it, Jared Leto will call you and say, 'In seven days, it's Morbin time.'" Others say, "This is really scary. Accidentally watching Morbius can ruin your life."

While a fun little in-joke, there is a key difference from Morbin to Rick Rolling and Gnoming—sharing a full movie online is ultimately piracy. And as Soft says, number one movie Morbius needs those Morbillion sales.

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