People Are Spreading Hilariously Fake Morbius 2 News

Morbius 2 hasn't been greenlit. Sorry to burst your vampiric, blood-fuelled bubble, but Sony hasn't said anything about any sequels—that isn't stopping the internet from trying to manifest it through memes and fun, tongue-in-cheek fake news, though.

"Guys, holy shit – the official Morbius 2 soundtrack got leaked," Nic Brinsley tweeted, attaching a photo of a Spotify playlist full of nothing but Like A G6 to help Jared Leto get into the Morbin spirit.

Parody DiscussingFilm account DiscussvingFlim joined in on the fun too with some fabricated casting news, revealing that Anya Taylor-Joy has been cast as Jackie Morbius, Michael's sister, in "Morbius 2: More Bius, More Problems…"

They added that Better Call Saul actor Michael McKean has been cast as Malcolm Morbius, their father who abandoned him at a young age "due to his disease." They also roped in Jacob Batalon who plays Ned in Spider-Man as a part of this unlikely team-up, with "newcomer Kane Ritchotte" to play Jackie's love interest.

Finally, according to this slew of definitely real casting news, Christine Baranski is playing Melissa Morbius, Michael's aunt, while Jared Leto himself has been replaced by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The reason for Lin-Manuel Miranda's casting is, according to this—again, definitely real—news account, because it's a "musical with a dance number to That That by PSY" of Gangnam Style fame.

Others such as Sasha (@tinywienerbabe) have shared fake CNN news that's written to be a bit more believable, with the headline saying, "Sony greenlights Morbius sequel for Paramount+ and Disney+ streaming services, release date early 2024." None of that is true, unfortunately, but maybe we'll see Mighty Morbin and his Morbius Rangers back on the big screen one day soon.

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