Persona 5 Royal gets Nintendo Switch release date – Persona 4 and 3 to follow

The Nintendo Switch will finally play host to Persona 5, as well as its two predecessors, although not all of them have released dates yet.

You always hope for something unexpected and exciting to close out a preview event but the three most recent Persona games coming to Nintendo Switch certainly wasn’t the former, when they turned up at the end of the recent Nintendo Direct Mini.

Since they’d already been announced for the Xbox earlier in the month it would’ve been stranger if Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 3 Portable hadn’t come to Switch, and that’s even without the benefit of leaks.

There doesn’t seem to be anything different about these ports of the games, which is what you’d expect as none of them are very high-tech and Golden and Portable were originally created for the PS Vita and PSP, respectively.

There’s no indication of when the latter two games will be released but Persona 5 Royal will be out on October 21.

Once it’s out the inclusion of main character Joker (no, not that Joker) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will finally make sense, as although he was the first DLC character to be added, way back in 2018, at that point there’d barely ever been a Persona game released on a Nintendo console.

While the Switch versions will be the same as the other re-releases, including both English and Japanese voice-acting and all previous DLC, it does seem as if the games will be slightly altered from their original forms.

Although superior in some ways, Persona 3 Portable removed the 3D school environment for you to explore and had no animated cut scenes, thanks to the limitations of the PSP.

It’s assumed these will be added back into the new version, which is why it’s also being released on PlayStation formats, as well as Xbox, PC, and now Switch.

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