Persona 5 Royal: What Carries Over In NG+?

As with any good game that takes over 80 hours to finish, the first thing that Persona 5 Royal asks the player upon completion is: “Hey, congrats on finishing? Wanna do all that all over again, but at your pace?”

If your answer is “yes, please, thank you,” then make sure you’re prepared— there are only so many things that the game will let you carry into your second run. In order of the game’s NG+ notice, these include:


Persona Compendium

  • A small tip: log all the Strength confidant homework personae with the skills that the twins ask for, so you can easily buy, present, buy, present, and so on to max them out in one sitting.

Elemental affinity data in combat

  • Meaning, even if there are personae you didn’t acquire, the weaknesses and strengths you discovered from combating them will still show up. This only kicks in when you start the game in earnest, however— the affinities of the enemies during the tutorial runs in Kamoshida’s palace will still be hidden.


Social stats

  • No more suffering over the Big Bang Burger Challenge.

HP and SP increases gained from daily life activities

  • This means all the bonuses from training at home, the gym, or at the temple in Kichijoji, not from your level-ups.

Jazz Club cocktail effects

  • All your companions will retain their stat and HP/SP bonuses from all the times you took them to the Jazz Club— they just won’t keep the skills they learned from the Sunday cocktails.

Note: they don’t let you keep your level, so even if your level 99 personae keep you more powerful than most of the enemies you’ll be blasting through all over again, you’re not going to be invincible. More often than not, you might find yourself hurting for SP to use those high-level skills with until your actual level catches up.



  • All your weapons, armor, and accessories will stay with you. They won’t be automatically re-equipped, though, so don’t forget to hand them to your companions as you collect them all over again.

Gun customizations

  • You’ll have to re-do the Hanged Man confidant line to unlock all the customizations, but the ones you’ve already slapped onto the guns you have will remain.

Skill cards

  • Not only will all your skill cards stay with you, the game will remember what cards you have or have not asked Yusuke to copy— meaning, once you unlock his ability to draft up new skill cards (or have it from his max confidant gift), he’ll still be able to draw skill cards you’ve asked him to copy in your first run even if you don’t have them on you to copy.

Minigame equipment

  • This includes all the fishing rods you’ve bought as well as the specialty dart you can buy to help with the darts minigame. Interestingly, it doesn’t let you keep the Jump Cue you get for the billiards sidequest.

Eternal Lockpick

  • If you haven’t crafted this by the endgame, you should do so ASAP.

Earned money

  • Tip: make sure to grind at least 300,000 yen to bring into NG+ so you can buy back your overpowered personae whenever you need.

Key items

  • This includes all the items that unlock personae fusions as well as the confidant gifts you get during your very last round of goodbyes to everyone, which provide access to certain confidant perks before you unlock them all over again. Also, the christmas gift you get from your girlfriend (if any) will stay with you and provide bonuses to the confidant points you earn with them.

It’s worth noting that everything not mentioned here will disappear. Meaning, don’t hesitate to use up all the medicine you’ve got in the final battle! The only consumables that’ll stay with you are the friendship and romantic chocolates given to you by the girls during Valentines day.


Rewards from the Velvet Room Challenge Battles

  • This includes the accessories as well as the treasure items, if you haven’t already sold them off.

Mementos stamps collected

  • You won’t have to hunt these down all over again, though you will have to meet Jose and re-invest them to regain the bonus effects.

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