Persona 5 Strikers: 10 Times Sophia Was Understandably Confused About Humans

Persona 5 Strikers is a hot topic in the gaming community right now as it follows the phantom thieves as they once again embark on an adventure. This time they have a new member named Sophia, who just happens to be a hyper-intelligent AI. Sophia is found in a box by Joker when first entering a jail and, like Morgana in the first game, is suffering from amnesia. Sophie knows little about the human world, and some of the things she is confused about make a lot of sense when coming from an AI.

While some of Sophia’s dialogue is a bit dark, it just helps to show how much she is able to grow throughout the game.

10 Alcohol Use

Sophia seems to quite understand the effects of alcohol on the human body, even though earlier in the game, she comments on Joker being too young for cigarettes. Sophia notes when passing a liquor store that the people inside look especially happy.

Sophia also confuses soda for alcohol, thinking that Ryuji has a hangover. To many who haven’t tried alcohol, though, these misconceptions make a lot of sense.

9 Killing The Wicked

Sophie shocks the thieves when she asks what’s wrong with killing monarchs in the early hours of the game. While many may look down on her reaction, it makes a lot of sense for an AI who doesn’t understand much outside of trying to make the world a better place for humans.

This snap decision shows that Sophia isn’t used to the human world and knows little about emotions.

8 Keeping Plants Inside

When the player gets Sophia and goes back to their room, they can look around to get her commentary. She is understandably off-put by the look of the attic where Joker used to live. If the player interacts with the plant, she will show confusion about why the plant isn’t kept outside.

Sophie doesn’t understand why humans would want to keep a plant as their human companion.

7 Religion

It’s not surprising that an AI would be caught off guard by the concept of religion. This topic is briefly brought up when the groups visits Okinawa. Here they try to explain what sacred ground is to Sophie, though she admits that it isn’t something she can really understand.

This is likely due to the fact that Sophia knows her creator is human, even with her memory loss.

6 Using The Black Market

Along with killing, Sophie also seemed to lack understanding about crimes in general at the start of the game. When Skull jokingly asks for a gold bar, Sophie finds one on an illegal website and somehow manages to get it expedited to Leblanc in a matter of minutes.

When questioned about how she got it, she even freely admits she used illegal means.

5 Lottery Boxes

Another small bit of dialogue shows that Sophie probably doesn’t grasp the concept of gambling well. When Joker goes up to the lottery stand in Tokyo, Sophie inquires if the shop is similar to the box that Joker found her inside of.

Going on the actual problematic chances of winning anything from even a small lottery, though, it makes sense that Sophie would be confused by the concept.

4 Using Slang

Sophie tries to fit in more with the phantom thieves at the beginning by using slang. Some of this is a bit funny, and the thieves are worried that she might start using strange phrases. Luckily, Sophie talks like a normal person in the game and doesn’t try to get hip dialogue to relate to Joker.

It is a great show of her character, though when she makes strange sounds when trying to explain how the new metaverse works.

3 Understanding Cats

Sophia has quite a bit of funny dialogue towards Mona after being released. She first mistakes Mona for being a raccoon, which is extremely strange for an all-knowing AI. She then is a bit confused by the fact that he is talking, which she does accept rather quickly.

Poor Mona just can’t seem to catch a break when being introduced to new people.

2 Not Wanting to Be Fluffed

When Ann first gets to meet Sophia in the metaverse, she is intrigued by her outfit. Ann asks if she can “floof” her dress, to which Sophia replies with a request denied. This is because she associates being floofed with something that is done to a child or pet.

Since Sophia doesn’t seem to have a handle on human fashion, this is a completely reasonable answer.

1 Helping Monarchs

The group doesn’t just try to destroy monarchs; they also want to help them be better people. At first, this is confusing to Sophia as she sees the monarchs as evil. She doesn’t understand why Ann or Yusuke get so frustrated with the Monarchs and go out of their way to help them.

Many players have similar attitudes, especially towards Alice, who is openly cruel to those who work for her.

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