Persona 5 Strikers: The Difference Between Easy, Normal, And Hard Difficulty

When it comes to Persona 5 Strikers, there are three default difficulties that you can choose from; Easy, Normal, or Hard. If you’re unsure which difficulty you should be choosing for your playthrough, we’ve got a little run-down about each one so you can make the right choice for you.

Regardless of which difficulty you choose to begin the game with, it can later be changed during your playthrough from the System menu and can be found in the Config options. This can be changed at any time other than when you are in the middle of a battle.


Easy is a great option for anyone who is new to the series or new to RPGs in general. In fact, even some veteran Persona players might find themselves opting for Easy difficulty as the battle format has changed for Strikers, and features an action-RPG style rather than having turn-based battles. This arguably makes it more difficult, as the battle is continuing whether you’re paying attention or not.

Easy is also a great option for those who simply want to enjoy the storyline without worrying about getting stuck in boss fights. Easy difficulty makes your attacks do more damage, whereas your enemies’ attacks will be much weaker.


Normal offers a more balanced option for players who want to enjoy the storyline while still having somewhat of a challenge when it comes to battles. This is usually the recommended starting point for players, and then if you want more or less of a challenge you can simply change the difficulty as needed.


Hard difficulty is for players who really want to challenge themselves, as enemies are given an advantage over your characters. Enemies will deal far greater damage to your party, while your own attacks will be weaker. Additionally, throughout the game when the difficulty naturally increases, the spikes are far more noticeable while playing on Hard.


Merciless difficulty is the most punishing option of all and is only made available to players who have proven themselves worthy of it. This option becomes unlocked once you have defeated the secret Reaper boss, after which you will have a “Master” save file that will allow you to start a New Game+ file. You can choose Merciless as your difficulty choice, and unlike other difficulty options, when on Merciless you cannot change the difficulty at any point during the game.

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