PlatinumGames Announces New Game Called Project G.G.

The second game of the mysterious Platinum Four has been revealed in Famitsu magazine, and the next PlatinumGames title will be a game called Project G.G. 

PlatinumGames has recently moved into the world of publishing games, which was helped by a sizable investment from Tencent. The company opened a website called Platinum Four, which promised to announce four games in the near future. The first project that was announced was a Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, which quickly earned over a million dollars in funding.


The second Platinum Four game has now been announced in Famitsu magazine  (via Siliconera). According to Ryokutya2089, Project G.G. will be the first-ever IP that is wholly owned by PlatinumGames after launch. If Viewtiful Joe was inspired by Kamen Rider and The Wonderful 101 was inspired by superhero teams, then Project G.G. will be about a giant hero fighting a huge monster. The Platinum Four website has also been updated with a trailer for the game, showing a young man transforming into a giant to fight a monster.

PlatinumGames intends to open a new studio in Tokyo with one hundred staff members working on Project G.G., as there are currently only fifteen people currently working on the game. The intention is to release Project G.G. on all available platforms. It’s unclear how far along Project G.G. is along in development, so it might also be possible for the game to launch on the next generation of systems as well.

It was mentioned in the Famitsu interview that the remaining Platinum Four games are new titles, suggesting that they won’t be ports. This seems to quash the notion of a Scalebound revival, which is an idea that has been floating around since The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter was announced.

PlatinumGames is no stranger to superhero titles and it’s very exciting to consider what the company will come up with for a Kaiju-inspired title, especially as they don’t have to answer to any publishers. The company has produced some of the best games of the past few years and it will be exciting to see what PlatinumGames is able to accomplish on its own terms.

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