Play Art’s FFVII Remake Tifa Figures Is Available For Pre-Order (At A Discount)

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Lockhart is now available for pre-order in action figure form.

Aerith usually gets all the attention in Final Fantasy VII, what with her having an emotional death scene and all (spoiler alert), but Tifa is the real badass of the group. Not only is she an entrepreneur with her own bar, but she’s also the heart of AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group bent on freeing the world from its dependence on Mako.

Plus she has fingerless gloves, and that’s always the true sign of someone you just don’t wanna mess with. And now you can remind yourself of that every day with this new Tifa figurine from Play Arts Asia.

Standing at roughly 10 inches tall, this fully poseable action figure comes with three different pairs of hands for when you want balled fists or outstretched fingers. Tifa also gets two wind-swept hairstyles that bend left or right, depending on how you want to pose her. There’s also a stand to keep her in the most dynamic position you can imagine even if that position isn’t perfectly balanced.

Pre-orders are available now until May 4 on the Play Arts Asia website. Shipping is direct from Japan and starts on October 31. Order now for the low price of $150 dollars, depending on where you live.

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