Player Crashes Helicopter Into Opposing Team To Win Call Of Duty: Warzone Match

This is an insane way to win a Call of Duty: Warzone match, and you should totally watch it.

On the battlefield, mobility is the key to victory, and there’s nothing more mobile in Call of Duty: Warzone than the helicopter. Being able to fly anywhere means being able to reposition you and your squadmates for the best advantage, albeit with the slight downside of being vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.

That vulnerability is negated if your opponents are all engaged in a desperate firefight in the last circle. Which is exactly how Reddit user Ryann_420 achieved victory.

Hovering above the final circle, Ryann was insulated from enemy fire by the gas that greatly obscured vision in the final minutes of a match. His opponents could certainly hear him, but they were a bit busy trying to shoot each other. Little did they know that this distraction was all part of Mr. 420’s cunning plan.

Carefully lining up the chopper, Ryann suddenly jumps out and leaves the helicopter to plummet into the firefight below. His aim was perfect–the chopper completely eliminated one team and downed most of the second team. Landing with a pistol in hand, he was able to quickly dispatch the remaining two opponents and secure his Warzone victory.

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