PlayStation 5: After Hour-Long Presentation, We Still Don’t Know What It Looks Like

The day has come and passed. Today, PlayStation fans waited with baited breath for potential bombshells to come out of the PlayStation 5 reveal event. Instead, they were left with a big, fat handful of bupkis, as Mark Cerny talked about teraflops, HRTF, and made Matrix references. That cheeky little scamp!

On top of not knowing when to expect the PlayStation 5 to drop, we also have no idea what this thing looks like. We know what it does, what’s under the hood, and how backwards compatible it will be, sure. Those are the most important things, really, but let’s be real – you don’t want some uggo eyesore junking up your entertainment center (or dingy dorm.) When you’re throwing money on that console, you want it to be some cool thing you can show to your friends and make them feel inadequate about not having disposable income.

You’re out of luck on that front, unfortunately. Cerny didn’t so much as show us a silhouette or a dev kit for the upcoming console, leaving us totally in the dark. What could this thing look like? How big will it be? What color will it be? Is Mark Cerny, as our stalwart editor Caroline speculated, just five PlayStation 5s in a trench coat? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

While it would be natural to say, “yeah, Sony’ll just show us around E3,” there’s literally no chance of that happening. Sony pulled out of the event, which is also just straight-up cancelled this time around. And with COVID-19 sweeping practically every nation, forcing countries to shut down cities, quarantine its citizens, and close borders, there’s just no way to know when Sony will give us more info.

That leaves us all playing the waiting game, as we try to discern literally anything about the console. We know all the nuts and bolts, but what’s that going to look like on the consumer side of things? Who knows! Certainly not us. In the meantime, it’s probably best to kick back, wash your hands, and just let it happen when it happens.

It’s also plenty of time to start saving for building a PC, on a completely unrelated note!

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