Pokemon Are Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals In The UK

Pokemon Are Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals In The UK in a new collection, celebrating the 25th birthday of the franchise. This is showcasing a promotional collection of cards due to the 25th anniversary of the franchise, after a disastrous turn of events in past February in the US McDonald’s version of this same event. Scalpers had raided stores to get their hands on this product. While there’s no official statement, sharp fans spotted a detail in the current Happy Meal box.

The official McDonald’s Happy Meal website shows a curious detail in a picture of the current toy collection, themed after Spongebob Squarepants. There, we can notice a Pikachu image with the text “Coming Soon to Happy Meal” on one side of the box, and while no date is officially confirmed, this event is rumored to start on May 19th, the day after Spongebob’s current promo ends. This collection of 25 cards has an alternative foil version of each card, which can be attractive to collectors and lead people to speculate about the future value of said cards.

Earlier this year, this very same McDonald’s collection of Trading Game Cards released in the US, resulting in a raid by scalpers who bought an unreal amount of happy meals only to throw the food and keep the cards, leading to a shortage of the product and an unnecessary waste of food. Several sealed boxes of these very same card boosters were also spotted on sale across different sites, indicating that some of them didn’t even reach the stores.

With this year marking the 25th anniversary of the beloved franchise, this news is only one more addition to a long list of celebrations and events marking the occasion. Last month we were able to enjoy a really fun Post Malone concert, and more collab songs are in the works, with featured artists such as Katy Perry and J Balvin. Special promotional products are announced in the trading cards game section, with two remake video games and a new mainline title that are currently in development, and the spinoff game New Pokemon Snap releasing at the end of this month.

Source: McDonald’s

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