Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How To Get Every Trade Evolution Item

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Pokemon evolution can take place for various reasons, including a Pokemon using an item, going through a trade, or simply leveling up. There are lots of items you can use to evolve a Pokemon, but there are some that only make a Pokemon evolve when you trade the creature while holding it. Although these Pokemon are usually the trickiest to get, they're often the strongest non-legendary creatures in the franchise, which is why Game Freak has made it so difficult to catch them.

Many Pokemon have this form of evolution, so it's good to know exactly how to get each item so you can acquire the toughest Pokemon ever to exist. Some trade evolution items make multiple Pokemon evolve, while some are specific to a single evolutionary line. Here's every trade evolution item in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and how to get them.

How To Gain Access To Trading

If you still don't have access to trading, then you can't get any trade evolution Pokemon. Luckily, the only requirement for trading is that you've beaten Roark at the Oreburgh City Gym.

Roark uses a Geodude, Onix, and Cranidos to fight, so bring a powerful Water or Grass-type Pokemon to counter his Rock-type creatures. All three Pokemon primarily use Normal and Rock-type attacks. You can trade with other players inside Pokemon Centers once you defeat Roark.

How To Use Trade Evolution Items

Using trade evolution items is a challenging task. First, you need to make sure your Pokemon is holding the item by giving it to them through the Bag menu. Next, you need to find a player willing to trade with you. This is the tricky part because you need to trust that they'll trade back your Pokemon after it evolves. A close friend is the best option, but there's a solution if you don't have any Pokemon pals.

The best way to find a trustworthy trade partner is to search forums like Reddit or Discord for players that want to evolve the same Pokemon you're trying to trade; then, you can trade the same Pokemon with each other. This ensures that you still get the Pokemon you need even if they refuse to trade back your original Pokemon. Make sure to confirm that their Pokemon is holding the correct item before agreeing to the trade.

Once you find a player willing to trade, you can enter a Pokemon Center and go down the escalator. Speak with the Nurse in the middle of the counter to enter the trading room. If you're trading with a local player, you need to use the escalator that moves upstairs when you enter a Pokemon Center. Interact with the player, and you can choose any Pokemon to trade. Confirm the trade, and the Pokemon will evolve. Then trade back once again if you want your original Pokemon.

How To Get Every Trade Evolution Item

There are 11 items in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl that make a Pokemon evolve when they're traded to a different trainer while holding them. The methods to retrieve these items vary, but there's usually a specific place to visit or Pokemon that may carry the item when you catch it. Here's every trade evolution item and how to get them.

Up-GradePorygon > Porygon 2Talk To Professor Oak In Eternal City
Dubious DiscPorgon2 > Porygon-ZInside A Poke Ball Capsule On Route 225, Use Surf To Travel Through The The Lake On Route 225
Metal CoatScyther > Scizor, Onix > SteelixCatch Magnemite And Bronzor (5% Chance To Carry Metal Coat), Talk To Bryon In The House On Iron Island After You Receive The National Pokedex
ElectirizerElectabuzz > ElectivireCatch Elekid In The Grand Underground Areas Including The Stargleam Cavern, Glacial Cavern, Whiteout Cave, And Dazzling Gleam (5% Chance To Carry Electirizer) (Exclusive To Brilliant Diamond)
MagmarizerMagmar > MagmortarCatch Magby In The Grand Underground Areas, Including Typhlo Cavern, Volcanic Cave, And Sandsear Cave (5% Chance To Carry Magmarizer) (Exclusive To Shining Pearl)
King's RockPoliwhirl > Politoed, Slowpoke > SlowkingCatch Poliwhirl In The Grand Underground In Areas Including The Grassland Cave And Fountainspring Cave After You Receive The National Pokedex (5% Chance To Carry King's Rock)
Deep Sea ScaleClamperl > GorebyssFound In A Poke Ball Capsule Inside The Icy Cave In The Grand Underground Under Celestic Town
Deep Sea ToothClamperl > HuntailFound In A Poke Ball Capsule Inside The Fountainspring Cave In The Grand Underground Under Route 203
ProtectorRhydon > RhyperiorEast Of Ace Trainer Jose In A Small Pit On Route 228
Dragon ScaleSeadra > KingdraCatch Dratini In Fountainspring Caves Inside The Grand Underground (5% Chance To Carry Dragon Scale)
Reaper ClothDusclops > DusknoirInside A Poke Ball Capsule On The Right Side Of Route 229 (Only Accessible After You Defeat The Elite Four)

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