Pokemon Day: All The News You Need To Know

Every year on February 27th, the Pokemon Company and fans celebrate the release of the original Red and Green Pokemon versions in Japan. Along with the celebration comes news on the various Pokemon franchises for the year ahead.

This year, we got a look at the next Mythical Pokemon, Zarude, who will feature in the next Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: Coco, as well as as appearing in the upcoming DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Along with Zarude, we also got a trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Coco. The trailer shows a shiny Celebi flying through a forest and a young boy named Coco, who lives in this forest with his Pokemon. Ash comes across Coco, and it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

All new Wild Area Events have kicked off in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with Mewtwo, Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur now getting a chance to appear in Max Raid Battles. Mewtwo cannot be captured, but you can still earn rewards by defeating it (like Ability Capsules and PP Max).

Some news was also revealed for the Pokemon Masters mobile game, showcasing a number of future content updates that will be implemented. Starting from tomorrow, 3,000 Gems will be free to all players who log onto the app to celebrate Pokemon Day, along with the addition of Red and Charizard as a Poke Fair exclusive Scout. Over 10,000 Gems are up for grabs over the course of the event.

Story events now include Event Maps to assist you in progressing through them with the use of Travel Tokens. More areas and rewards will be unlocked as you complete the story. The Battle Villa will also be open tomorrow, introducing an all new feature called Lucky Skills, which can be added to Sync Pairs with a Lucky Cookie or Lucky Scroll. The Battle Villa allows you to create a roster of up to 9 different Sync Pairs to challenge the Battle Stages. Like a traditional league challenge, HP and PP will carry over from battle to battle.

Improvements to legendary events and the Sync Grid will be added down the line, as well as a new Pokemon Egg feature.

And finally, Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION is now available worldwide to stream on Netflix (aside from Japan and South Korea). The movie can be streamed viewed with either English voice acting or with the original Japanese voice acting–a first for an international Pokemon movie. Armored Mewtwo can still be caught in Pokemon Go up till March 2 to celebrate the movie’s international release.

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