Pokemon Fans Are Sharing Worst And Best Shinies

Ever since they were first introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver, Pokemon hunters have sought Shiny Pokemon as the pinnacle of their species. These ultra-special Pokemon featured unique alternate color palettes to denote their rarity and so you could easily show them off to your friends.

Most consider the Shiny counterpart to be the more aesthetically pleasing variant of any given Pokemon, but that's not always the case. There are definitely bad Shinies out there, and thanks to a new meme, Pokemon fans are sharing their worst Shiny Pokemon on social media.

There tends to be two camps when it comes to the worst Shinies in Pokemon. The first are Pokemon that are barely different from their regular versions. One Twitter user noted how Dewgong, Scyther, Persian, Leafeon, and Gengar all fall under this category. Another brought up Regice, Glaceon, Carracosta, and Archeops as another set of very similar-looking Shinies. Garchomp might be one of the worst offenders, and another Twitter user recounted how they didn’t even realize their Elekid was Shiny until taking it to the professor in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The other camp are Shiny Pokemon that just seemed to pick the absolute worst color combinations imaginable. Take Krookodile, which went from red and black to yellow and brown. Or Dragonite, which has a Shiny version that sports a green and purple paint job unfortunately similar to Barney the Dinosaur.

Acid green Espeon, pink and gold Weavile, and puke-green Nidoqueen are perhaps the most egregious examples of clashing Shinies. Nidoqueen seems particularly brutal in comparison to Nidoking, who sports a cool blue coloration. But I gotta tell you, Overqwill and Hisuian Arcanine aren’t great Shiny Pokemon either.

On the other hand, some Shiny hunters think that wildly different color combinations can make for a good Shiny Pokemon. Take the turquoise and orange warts on Seismitoad for a great example.

For those looking to get in on the fun, the format of the meme is to simply list your first, last, best, worst, and most random Shiny Pokemon.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon Go players are being encouraged to go outside and take a 15-minute walk to catch rare Pokemon thanks to the new Daily Adventure Incense.

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